AMCAT Sample Paper for Computer Programming

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Computer Programming Sample QUestions

All questions are Multiple-Choice-Questions with only one option as the correct answer.

Q1. A 8-bit signed integer has the following range:

a. 0 to 255
b. -128 to 127
c. -255 to 254
d. 0 to 509

Q2. What will be the output of the following code statements?

integer x = 34.54, y = 20, z = -5
print ( y > 50 AND z > 10 or x > 30 )

a. 0
b. 1
c. -1
d. 10

Q3. Pankaj makes a program to print the product of cubes of the first 10 whole
numbers. She writes the following program:

integer x = 0 // statement 1
integer sum = 0 // statement 2
while ( x < 10 ) // statement 3
sum = x*x*x // statement 4
x = x + 1 // statement 5
print sum // statement 6

Is her program correct? If not, which statement will you modify to correct it?

a. No error, the program is correct.
b. Statement 1
c. Statement 4
d. statement 6

Q4. I have a problem to solve which takes as input a number n. The problem has a
property that given the solution for (n-1), I can easily solve the problem for n. Which
programming technique will I use to solve such a problem?

a. Iteration
b. Decision-making
c. Object Oriented Programming
d. Recursion

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Q5. Given:

integer x = 40, y = 35, z = 20, w = 10

Comment about the output of the following two statements:

print x * y / z - w
print x * y / (z - w)

a. Differ by 80
b. Same
c. Differ by 50
d. Differ by 160

Q6. Data and function in which area of a class are directly accessible outside the class?

a. Public
b. Private
c. Protected
d. None of these

Q7. Here is an infix notation: ((A+B)*C-(D-E))^(F+G) Choose the correct postfix
notation of the above from the given options.

a. AB+CD*E--FG+^
b. AB+C*DE--FG+^
c. AB+C*DE-FG-+^
d. A+BC*DE-FG-+^

Q8. If the depth of a tree is 3 levels, then what is the size of the Tree?

a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8

Q9. One of the following options is a form of access used to add and remove nodes from
a queue.

c. Both LIFO and FIFO
d. None of these

Q10. What is the time complexity of adding three matrices of size NXN cell-by-cell?

a. O(N)
b. O(N^2)
c. O(N^3)
d. None of these

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suresh said...

please give to me the answers

Anonymous said...


hi said...

8)d....because size = 2 ^ depth

Meenakshi Sankar said...

hi for 2nd one , 0&&0||1=1, which is right answer, reply pls

Raj kumar Singh said...

@Meenakshi Sankar option b (1) is right answer

Anonymous said...

@Meenakshi.. Ur answer is correct..!!

Jan Reddy Yanala said...

Am i correct?

Jan Reddy Yanala said...

Am i correct?

Shalini Kumari said...


Vamshi Teja said...

for 2nd the o/p is true then ans will be 'b'
is it correct..???

ANPLJN said...

1 will be b ? becoz it is signed integer

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